Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Emergency Break for Family Loss

As I was planning this week, I made sure I would have time to finish a Webcomics Worth Wreading entry this morning, despite traveling internationally over the weekend for TCAF and despite the three final projects I have to turn in next week to complete the accounting certificate I'm working on.

Plans don't always work out, though.

My grandmother passed away this morning, and I need to go be with family as we all process her death. I won't have time to put up a regular entry for you here. Nor, I expect, will it be reasonable for me to finish it over the next few days, as there will be practical issues around her death to resolve and I still have those final projects to complete.

I'm going to give myself the next two weeks to take care of stuff in the real world, and then I'll be back here with tons to say about comics on May 26th. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

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