Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Brief Notice

I'm sorry I wasn't able to finish a proper Webcomics Worth Wreading entry for you to read today. Yesterday, last night, and this morning were all spent caring for ailing relatives in their computerless, internetless home. I'm going to skip this week and I'll have a next full entry up next Tuesday.

In the meantime, I figured I'd point you to some Kickstarter campaigns for webcomics. Three of the comics I've discussed here are currently raising money on Kickstarter!

1. Spacetrawler: Funding to print the third and final Spacetrawler volume is underway! I'm excited about the stretch goals because they mean that we get to see more Spacetrawler and that's always a good thing.

2. A Softer World: This is the fourth printed volume of A Softer World. I don't think there's a foreseeable end to A Softer World, but maybe you should jump on the bandwagon now just in case? Also, print editions are a great way to introduce the comic to people who don't read comics online very often. (These people exist! I've met them.) Their current stretch goal involves a column where bad advice is given, and I'd like that to be a thing I can read.

3. Broodhollow: I mentioned this when I initially posted about Broodhollow, and it is now MERE HOURS from ending. Just a gentle reminder that it's still out there. For now.

There's also currently a Kickstarter campaign for Not Invented Here. I haven't yet covered Not Invented Here on this blog, but it's a great comic, and they're printing their second volume. I heartily recommend taking a look! Early on in the comic, the art style may feel suspiciously familiar. This campaign is also pretty close to finish time, so if you're gonna jump in, do it now.

That's all for the meantime. I'll be back and in better shape next week!

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